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Gaming Better FiveM RP Rules

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Gaming Better Community Rules and Guidelines
As of 18th June, 2019


Important Terminologies
Metagaming - Using /ooc to find someone
FailRP -  (Shooting someone even though there's a gun pointed at your head)
FearRP - Running away from an rp situation (kidnap/robbing)
Powergaming - Doing something in-game that is not possible in real life
Combat Logging - Leaving the server to avoid rp situation / admins
RDM (or VDM) - Random killing / Random vehicle ramming


These are tips and tricks for RP and our “No salt” policy that we want to uphold

Be open to other players’ roleplay. You may tell them "no," or "not now," or move the roleplay in 
another direction, but your replies need to show that you understood their sentiment, frustration, 
or specific need

Roleplay is not about winning or losing. You may root for your character to win in a situation 
but it won’t always turn out that way. Roleplay is about both give and take. Sometimes you win, a 
lot of the times you lose, such is life. You should focus on making sure not only you are having 
fun but that all other parties involved are having fun as well. It should be at the back of your head 
that this is another real person you’re interacting with.

Below are all of our rules! You will be expected to follow all of these rules, otherwise you will be 
subject to punishment. 



======== General ========


Voice Chat
This server is a voice-chat roleplay only server.
If you do not have a proper mic to use you will be kicked/banned.
If you do have a mic make sure it sounds 'alright' and not too loud.



Community Respect 
This is the first and most important rule, as most (if not all) other rules fall under this one. You should be 
respectful to other players and administrators. You should always keep in mind that whatever you do 
in-game, it should not infringe on others' capacity to enjoy the game. 

Do Not: 

  1. Use racist/homophobic/derogatory/overly sexual remarks in, or out, of character. 
  2. Repeatedly send someone angry or offensive out-of-character messages because of  an in-character subject or event. 
  3. Deliberately argue with an administrator because you disagree with an administrative  ruling. 



Acknowledging Out of Character Chat
Players have the right to ignore other players' out-of-character discussions if they wish, unless it is to ask 
why they were killed. However, players are not permitted to ignore administrators’ communication or 

Do Not:

  1. Avoid out-of-character communications with an administrator.  
  2. Avoid answering a player who asks you why you killed them. 
  3. Spam someone in order to avoid roleplaying with them simply because it doesn't fit your character's agenda. 



Unacceptable Character Names
A player name must be unique and realistic. You may not use the name of a famous person in real life or 
from history, nor may you use the name of an easily recognizable or already existing character or brand 
from any form of fiction including other roleplayers from any other server. You also may not use names that are sexual or inappropriate innuendos. 

Do Not:
● Create a character named "Justin Bieber" because you want to roleplay a superstar. 
● Use names like "RabbitKiller44", “Hugh Jass” or “Mike Hawk” or "Dick Head" 



Exploiting Bugs
You are not permitted to exploit bugs for personal gain. You are required to report a bug if you find one. If 
you find a bug of this type and report it you may be eligible for a reward so just report it don't abuse it! 

Do Not:
1. Abuse a bug that allows you to, essentially, spawn in money or gain any type of advantage that wasn't meant to be. 
2. Farm Carbine Rifles by killing NPCs e.g. Going to the military base to farm for illegal guns.
3. Duplicate any items.



Selling IC items OOC
You cannot make out-of-character deals for in-character items. You cannot sell in-character items for  out-of-character items. You cannot give away items for out-of-character reasons. This includes the attempted sale/solicitation of selling items. 

Do Not:

  1. Trade ANY in-character assets for any type of out-of-character item(s). 



Abuse of Reports or Help
You are not allowed to use reports or help resources for anything other than server-related concerns or 

Do Not:
● Make (spam) continuous and recurring reports 
● Ask non-relative questions 



Lying to a Staff Member
Do not lie to a staff member about anything related to Gaming Better RP. This includes in-game matters, Discord, TeamSpeak.  

Do Not:

  1. Lie in a report or ticket regarding your vehicle, assets, weapons, ammo, drugs, or any other item that you can obtain in game 
  2. Attempt to mislead a staff member by creating a fallacy simply to gain an advantage or abuse OOC mediums such as vehicle teleports or asset refunds. 
  3. Falsify videos, screenshots, recordings or other pieces of evidence in refund requests, player complaints, staff complaints, or any other OOC reporting method





======== Roleplaying ========


Deathmatching - RDM
Killing another player's character for little or no in-character reason and/or without initiation is strictly 
forbidden. Deliberately attempting to incite a fight with little to no reason is likewise not allowed. 

Do Not:

  1. Stroll up to another player and start insulting them in-character with the sole intention of escalating the situation to a fight. 
  2. Shoot or punch a random player to death with no justifiable in-character reason. 
  3. Use a vehicle to plow through a group of people with no justifiable in-character reason. 



Revenge Killing
You are not allowed to seek out and/or kill anyone involved with your character's death. When you are 
killed, your character loses all memory leading up to and including their death unless they were rescued 
by paramedics. This may involve no longer knowing or recognizing your killer(s) after dying. You must 
also do your absolute best to avoid the player(s) who killed you for at least 24 hours, and definitely not 
kill them, provoke them, or otherwise engage them in any roleplay situation. If you are revived by an EMS, you automatically regain memory of what led to your character's death after 1 hour.

Do Not: 

  1. Track down the individual(s) responsible for your character's death (you lost memory of the situation).
  2. Utilize your gang affiliation or motives as a means to enact revenge on your killer(s) before the 24 hour cooldown (1 hour cooldown if revived by EMS).
  3. Have one of your friends or associates track down your killer(s) and take revenge on them before the 24 hour cooldown (1 hour cooldown if revived by EMS).


Hard Respawn Memory Rule
If you’re in a roleplay scenario where you have to respawn at a hospital, your character will forget any and all memories that led to your character's death. This also applies to anyone who has killed a player in an RP scenario. Once they have been “life flighted” to a hospital you are to not provoke or attempt to harm that character again for at least 1 hour. If you are picked up by EMS on scene our NLR does not apply, but to try and keep RP civil, it is recommended to avoid violence as best as possible. True deaths of characters are to be mutually agreed on prior to the roleplay scenarios, in an out of game manner. 

The only way that your character can remember an incident after using the Respawn feature is if another player (who did not respawn) who was a part of the incident allows you to regain the memory by giving you hints and information as to what happened. However, you must roleplay that the memory is not completely clear but you can somewhat remember some of the things that may have happened during the incident. It is the responsibility of the players that are trying to remind a respawned player NOT to give complete details of the event as you must allocate a sufficient amount of time for them to recover from their memory loss (24 hours). This is to prevent revenge killing scenarios becoming too prevalent.

Do not:

  1. Go back to the scene or scenario you have just been lifted from
  2. Provoke / harm / kill the same character you’ve just attempted to kill (Avoid for at least 24 hours)
  3. Continue an RP situation after Life Support

Roleplaying on the behalf of other players or NPCs (if roleplaying for that NPC grants an advantage) is classified as powergaming.
This includes roleplaying as a character that is not on your account without permission from an administrator.
Roleplaying an NPC for the purposes of character development or immersion without granting any advantages, however, is permitted. 
5 or more people committing crimes together = powergaming, (Unless a predetermined event was discussed with an administrator).
Remain 4 maximum people per crime.

Do Not: 

  1. Roleplay that you purchased a bomb from an NPC organization, and then use the “bomb” to destroy something. Bombs do not exist in role-play unless authorized by admins. 
  2. Use an NPC to call 911 if your character is incapable of doing so (location does not matter). 
  3. Commit crimes with 5 or more people (maximum 4) unless a situation was discussed with an admin beforehand. Crimes are to be down-scaled due to limited server slots, and  balancing between criminals and civilians. 
  4. Punch somebody in-character and then inform them through that they would be unconscious. 
  5. Roleplay actions or instructions that you claim to have received from an NPC (kill, hurt or shoot someone, etc.) 
  6. Roleplay having a weapon on you or an item on you that you do not actually have script-wise. 
  7. Do not use third party software or hardware (monitor) to draw a crosshair or dot on your screen. (This is an instant ban) 
  8. Roleplay that a tweet did not come from you, if it’s from your account then it’s from you and there would be an IP trace. There are no such things as “DMs” on Twitter unless we write it into the script. 
  9. Roleplay that you hid an item / weapon somewhere when it is on your character (if it is on you, it is on you) 
  10. Search a vehicle inventory and roleplay seeing a weapon / item without roleplaying the search and location of the weapon / item. 



Communicating information that your character does not know to others, sharing information via /me that other characters would not feasibly be able to see or otherwise interpret, sharing out-of-character 
information through an in-character medium, or taking in-character action based on information gained from an out-of-character source are all classified as metagaming.

Do Not:

  1. Use out-of-character communication (in any form) to summon a friend to help you elude the police or an attacker. 
  2. Using emoticons, unnecessary apostrophes, or the erroneous pseudo-punctuation “-..” and its derivatives in in-character chats. 
  3. Give special attention to a organization leader in an attempt to join their organization, unless you know of their status in-character. 
  4. Chase someone in a vehicle to take them hostage solely based on the fact that you know that they are a human player 
  5. Use script knowledge as a cop to preempt any locations of the jewellery heist 
  6. Watch streams of anyone in the same server you are playing in. 



Offensive Roleplay 
You are not permitted to roleplay sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or 
other extremely morbid activities. The only time this would be permitted is if you know the other party 
involved and you know they won’t have any problem with it. The roleplay must take place in an 
unpopulated area and the roleplay must stop if anyone enters the area and can be witness to it without 
their prior knowledge. Roleplay of this nature must comply with Twitch terms of service as many of our 
players are live streaming. 

Do Not:

  1. Perform offensive roleplay without first obtaining the consent of all parties involved. 
  2. Continue offensive roleplay after a consenting party has withdrawn their consent. 
  3. Perform any sexual roleplay or roleplay containing sexual innuendos in a public place. 



Committing Crimes in Unrealistic Areas
Committing any type of obvious crime in a conspicuous area is forbidden. The following areas are 
considered unrealistic areas to commit a crime: LS Courthouse, All Banks, Main Hospital (Pillbox Hill), 
any Police Department and Los Santos International Airport. If someone has already committed a 
crime or is part of an active situation and the roleplay is taken to such an area, it may be acceptable.
Example: Robbery goes bad and two of your friends are taken to the hospital but you 
got away from the scene and you know they were taken to the hospital. You can go to the hospital and try to save your friends. However, you cannot call a friend to help you save your friends at said hospital because the friend you just called was not part of the original roleplay situation.  (This does not apply to Police Departments, they are still off limits for crimes.) 

Do Not:

  1. Rob, kill or kidnap anybody standing in front of or inside of a bank. 
  2. Rob, kill or kidnap anybody at the main hospital in Pillbox Hill where you wake up. 
  3. Rob, kill or kidnap anybody at any Police Department. 
  4. Commit crimes period at the Los Santos Courthouse. 
  5. Commit the same crimes multiple times in the same area within 20 minutes of each other.



Scamming and Robbery
You can rob a player for every dollar they have on them. In the instance that you are robbing a player, you cannot kill that player unless they outright refuse to comply, provide resistance, or provoke you to inflict harm. 

You may only rob a store/bank twice in two hours
You may only rob a store when:

1 police = 2 robbers max
2+ police  = 3 robbers max
You may only rob banks/jewelry store when:
2 police = 3 robbers max
3+ police = 4 robbers max

You are only allowed to have a hostage/paid actor when there are at least 2 Police Officers & 1 EMS on Duty.

In the event that 2 cops and 1 ems are available when you plan to initiate a robbery but one of them logs out/goes off duty right before you execute the robbery scenario, you must either CANCEL the robbery scenario or continue it WITHOUT a hostage. However, if they log out/go off duty right after you execute the robbery, you can CONTINUE the robbery scenario WITH the hostage.

You may only scam/rob the same person once in an hour. If you are a victim of a robbery it is up to you to avoid places and other players that might rob you again.

You may only rob/kidnap a police officer if there are 3 or more police officers online.

Hostages can be paid actors but they are NOT allowed to go against police officers.

Do Not:

  1. Do not take someone to a bank or a property they own to force them to withdraw cash. You will never know how much money they actually have in the bank.
  2. Do not use any type of motorcycle/bike in a robbery. (Subject to change depending on the future balancing of vehicles)
  3. Do not use any lookouts or getaway drivers, threatening police officers with lookouts that can see everything to control the situation is currently imbalanced.
  4. Do not take hostages with you in a robbery situation. You must leave them inside the bank/store/jewelry store.
  5. Do not demand for officers to do things such as shoot their own tires. This just makes them more aggressive.
  6. Do not plant drugs on other players without roleplaying it out properly. E.g. /me stealthily drops some meth in the guy's pocket or at least mentioning through voice chat.


Suicide/Combat Logging to avoid Roleplay
You are not allowed to kill your character, log off or forcibly re-spawn to avoid situations. If you have to log off but you are in the middle of a roleplay situation, you will need to get permission from all parties involved before doing so. If you commit a crime, you must wait 10 minutes prior to logging off.



Unacceptable Roleplay
Roleplaying as terrorists, separatists, intelligence agency members, private military, federal or foreign 
government employees, or similar avenues of roleplay (individually or in organizations) that would require 
entities such as the state or federal government to intercede are explicitly forbidden, since those entities 
are not generally present in the server. Roleplaying corrupt law enforcement officers, or government 
officials in any way (if caught doing so, you may be fired OOC). Killing someone who has fully complied 
with a hostage situation is also unacceptable. Breaking character, even if you think it is subtle enough that it is still in character, is not permitted in any way.

Do Not:

  1. Roleplay as a federal agent and demand recognition by local police.
  2. Roleplay as any type of a police officer or EMS.
  3. Do NOT steal EMS Vehicles.
  4. Do NOT steal Police Vehicles unless there are 3 or more cops on duty.
  5. Kidnap, rob or kill EMS.
  6. Kidnap or rob a police officer unless there are 3 or more online.
  7. Handcuff someone and drag them while you are the driver of a vehicle. If you need to escort then have the passenger do it, No dragging on a motorcycle period. 
  8. Do NOT tell Cops or EMS to “Follow your SOPs” or “Value the hostages life,” etc. Forcing roleplay/behavior you expect from a Police Officer/EMS OOC is unfair as each individual roleplays at a certain level. If you have a legitimate issue regarding the actions of a Police Officer/EMS, file a formal complaint at the Police Department to a Lieutenant or higher ranking officer (or post it on the forums!).
  9. Get revived in an active situation and immediately start shooting or get involved again. You’ve been shot, you are seriously injured. Remove yourself from the active situation. 
  10. Roleplay fictitious disabilities to the point where you may cause offense to those with IRL disabilities.  
  11. Play music through your mic when it doesn’t make sense to do so. 
  12. Do NOT wear holsters with or without guns on your character.
  13. Do NOT change your clothes in the open, try your best to roleplay it. You do not miraculously change your clothes IRL.
  14. Do NOT abuse the custom PEDs that are made available on the server. Changing your character to a completely different PED (race/hair/features) is NOT allowed. If you like a certain PED, make an entirely new character for it instead.
  15. In the event that you are trying to escape from the LSPD after committing a crime or any other player in an RP scenario, do NOT hide in areas in which other people are not allowed to enter due to in-game mechanics (e.g. Your own apartments). Do NOT assume that the police are done chasing and that you are completely safe, give at least 10 minutes to confirm that you are no longer being chased. If you are unable to commit to a certain amount of time for an RP scenario to play out, do NOT commit the crime.



Failure to Roleplay / Unrealistic Roleplay 
Failing to roleplay is strictly forbidden. This server is a roleplay server; you're expected to be roleplaying at all times. If a situation presents itself where rules are broken, roleplay first, report later. Abusing in game physics or mechanics to gain an edge over another player will result in punishment. If 4 or more police officers are online then a police officer may be taken hostage and/or robbed. Once a kidnap situation has been initiated then the kidnappers must make contact with the police department and initiate a full roleplay scenario. 
Do Not:

  1. Continuously talk in out-of-character chat while another player is trying to roleplay with you. 
  2. Use weapons that are unrealistic in this environment such as RPGs, Grenade Launchers, Snipers etc. Whether you are able to get your hands on them or not. 
  3. Call EMS or Cops for the sole purpose of  kidnapping or robbing them 
  4. Call a mechanic or taxi for sole purpose of robbing them 
  5. Disregard happenings that would result in the death of your character (falls from substantial heights, headshots, fires, head-on collisions, train collisions, etc.) regardless of your OOC health / armor level. 
  6. Stop roleplaying and complain in OOC chat because a rule was broken during the roleplay.
  7. Complain in OOC in the middle of a roleplay situation. Complete the RP and make a formal complaint on the forums instead.
  8. Failure to complete roleplay during the death screen, accepting death prior to completion of the roleplay scenarios
  9. Do not use an immersion breaking pitch when using a voice changer 
  10. Use bicycles/bikes in an unrealistic manner. E.g. ramming into cars and trying to intentionally interrupt the roleplay of others and incite fights with little to no reason.


Cop / EMS Baiting (Fail RP)
Do not interrupt an ongoing roleplay scenario when it comes to Police / Paramedics unless you are 
already directly involved. You would not follow, or purposely get police to come arrest you purely for the 
sake of your curiosity or a certain roleplay you want to experience. You would also not purposely injure 
yourself just to have paramedics come and help you. With our value of life rule, you must understand the 
consequences that come with attempting to be involved with the police / ems constantly without good 

Do Not:

  1. Call police for any scenario where you would not need the police 
  2. Attempt to deliberately get a car chase for no reason 
  3. Call the police / ems and bait them into a scenario where you or any other characters end up rob / kidnap / killing them for the sake of robbing / kidnapping /killing. 



Breaking Character
 Never break character! Anything that happens in game happened! There’s no “I had a muscle spasm”
or “Let me go into my head” Make sure everything you say is within roleplay and sounds realistic.

Do Not:

  1. Try and blame a glitch or bug for something that happens in game. Go with it, turn it into RP and make it work.  
  2. Talk about things “in my head” unless absolutely needed (use OOC to inform people about something you need to go AFK for to do) 
  3. Use property numbers such as “enterable house 2” in tweets or through voice chat 
  4. Talk in an OOC manner while in EMS/Police radio channels 
  5. Talk about admins, reporting or anything else that wouldn’t make sense in character 
  6. Reference someone's other character deliberately or discuss “is your cousin coming to town soon” 
  7. Reference OOC things such as “trains, tsunamis, headaches” unless absolutely necessary (use OOC to communicate about these issues with players around you) 



Value of Life Rule
The Value of life is a value used to quantify the benefit of avoiding a fatality. Regardless of your role within the community (police officer, civilian, hardened criminal, etc) the value of your own and other individuals lives applies. This rule is implemented to ensure that there is a “realistic environment” for all citizens and consequences for those that don’t wish to participate in said environment. Although all characters may differ to certain degrees, individuals must accept that in real-life even the most hardened of criminals don’t consistently kidnap folk or hold them at gunpoint (shoot) on an hourly/daily basis. As well, civilians don’t casually drive 140 MPH through highly populated areas or 190 MPH on highways - nor do they instigate situations which could potentially lead to dangerous scenarios. They also do not drive off from a felony stop when police have guns pointed directly at them and their vehicle putting their lives in immediate danger. If you are shot down due to not valuing your life then you have no recourse against that person either IC or OOC as by breaking this rule you already broke the RP. 
These are simply a few of many examples, Valuing your life is being able to recognize a situation and 
translate as to whether or not that situation is something that you (your character) would actually be 
partaking in, and whether your character would actually be willing to suffer the consequences of those 
actions. This doesn’t only apply to your character, but to how your character values the lives of others as 
well (repercussions of shooting someone deters the value of your own life). Consider this when making 
drastic decisions or being under the assumption that you’re invincible. 


EMS, Being downed & Respawning

If you're downed for ANY reason you must wait for an EMS to arrive. When help arrives, both the EMS and patient should strive to provide good scenario for each other. The [/med] command is for the EMS to assess patient injuries, not to see if the patient is dead or alive, if the person can RP his injuries and inform the EMS, [/med] is not needed. LSPD other than Captain Calvin & Chief Duncan, are NOT allowed to use the [/med] command anymore. In the event that there is no EMS on, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself, if you die to a bug/accident, whatever it is, you can respawn but you are not allowed to ask for your items back. Whenever you RESPAWN it does not mean that your character's crimes and warrants are lifted. Essentially there is no more DYING in the server unless you plan a permadeath with an admin/moderator. If you commit a crime, YOU WILL BE REVIVED and you will be punished.

Gunplay over Roleplay (Fail RP)
Whenever you are interacting with other players and situations escalate try to always keep in mind ways 
to avoid gunplay. Not every situation has to result in violence or gunfights. Ask yourself the following 


  1. If I take out my gun right now will it escalate the situation for no reason? 
  2. Do I absolutely have to fire my gun in this situation or can it be resolved without gunplay? 

Server Crashes & Server Restarts Rules

In the event of a server crash, all RP situations are canceled. E.g. If you were in a successful bank robbery and you were in the middle of a chase, you must RETURN the stolen money to the LSPD but you will NOT be arrested. You are expected to go the LSPD immediately and not attempt to wash your dirty money or distribute it to other players.

All server restarts will be announced on Discord 15 mins prior to the restart. You are expected to end any and all RP situations before a server restart. In the event that you were in a successful robbery and you were in the middle of a chase, similar to the ruling above, you must RETURN the stolen money to the LSPD but you will NOT be arrested. You are expected to go the LSPD immediately and not attempt to wash your dirty money or distribute it to other players.

Crime & Punishment

Major fines and their punishments can be stacked meaning that there will no longer be a limit on how long a criminal can spend in jail. If you kill 10 cops, you will be put in jail for 450 months (450 minutes). Crimes that are defined as being less than a major crime will have the fines and its corresponding punishments can be stacked up to 3 times.

More rules will be added soon

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