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Compiled Changelogs (04/26/2019 ~ 05/04/2019)

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  • Decreased lumberjacks payout
  • Decreased slaughterers payout
  • Decreased miners payout
  • Decreased fuelers payout
  • Boat renting price decreased
  • Increased brinks payout
  • Improved new ambulance handling (Tiny bit)
  • Removed belt text indicator (Bugs)
  • Added ON/OFF Duty function for EMS
  • Bugs of Garbage Co. Driver fixed
  • Added a new job/mission (Illegal Cargo Delivery) - Check the map
  • Increased salaries for Police, EMS & Mechanics
  • Added back /fix for fixing chars in marked mechanic areas
  • Added car customization for bennys
  • Added a new car in the shop (RX7 Rocket Bunny)
  • Re-added ID's overhead (Only if you are close to a player)
  • Added speed cameras around the city 🙂
  • Slightly lowered Fueler & Brinks payouts
  • Removed speed cameras
  • Slightly increased salary for mechanic/ems
  • You can now only sell illegal drugs in the city
  • Added sounds for seatbelt
  • Added new interior for Police Derpartment
  • Revamped trunk system
  • Proning removed
  • Added new inventory style
  • Police will now get code alerts
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Trunks is now same with the inventory UI
  • Added a new hunting job
  • Added new unholster/holster animations for pistols
  • Brink job payout reduced
  • Marksman Pistol is now taken away upon ending the hunting job
  • Fixed some inventory bugs
  • Increased commercial trucks trunk size
  • Added success/fail on lockpicking (50%)
  • Successful/Failed car lockpicking will now trigger the car alarm
  • Increased countdown for selling illegal drugs
  • You can now only sell illegal drugs when there is 3 cops awake
  • Weed is now cheapear than meth
  • Slightly decreased illegal drugs prices
  • Fuel price slightly increased
  • Speed/Fuel hud slightly modified
  • You can now buy jerry cans in the 'Gas Station' for refueling (Stand right next to a gas pump)
  • Fixed some gas station bugs
  • You can now only see the closest gas station in your map
  • Added back the 'Old' hospital so there should be 3 now
  • Increased 'Early Respawn Fine' when dead
  • Lockpicking cars has a chance of cops getting notified
  • Increased repair cost for /fix
  • Price for repairing cars in the garage is now in a 'Fixed' 10000$ price
  • Increased price for 'Illegal Cargo' side-job
  • Fixed some bugs for 'Illegal Cargo' side-job
  • Added a new side-job 'Chop Shop'
  • Slightly reduced fuel consumption
  • Added more ATM spots
  • Removed all Bank/ATM blips
  • Removed map blips for robberies
  • Removed map blips of repair shops
  • Removed custom ambulance car (due to bugs)
  • Added tons of new ambulances
  • Added exotic - Ferrari 458 Spider (Liberty Walk)
  • Added suv - Lexus 570
  • Added new command for giving your car to the nearest citizen (/givecarkeys)
  • Removed used car shop
  • Reduced robberies payouts
  • 'Repair Kit' now only fixes your vehicle engine temporarily and does not fix body damage
  • Re-placed 'Body Kit' to 'Repair Kit +' <- This is only craftable by mechanics and fixes everything in any vehicle
  • /fix price has been significantly increased
  • Added new inventory icons for body parts (Chop)
  • Added new exterior design for PD
  • Added a new exotic car 'Fenyr Supersport'

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