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Rust Modded x10 Rules

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Everything is not covered in this rule list, An admin can enforce any rules necessary any time if he/she thinks it is right. Please do use common sense to avoid getting into trouble.

General Rules

  1. Do not cause harm to the server in any way.
  2. Any threats to the server is not tolerated (EG: DDoS / Doxing).
  3. Any type of cheating/hacking in the server is not allowed.
  4. Using a game glitch for your advantage is not allowed.
  5. Impersonating of  any staff or players is prohibited.
  6. Do not accuse anyone of hacking/cheating without a proper proof.
  7. Joking about hacking/cheating will get you banned.

Base Rules

  1. Building around quarries is not allowed.
  2. Blocking a monument for your own advantage is not allowed.
  3. You can only build 5 layers of external walls/gates per base.
  4. Do not grief someones base that you raided. Either leave it or take it over.

Chat Rules

  1. Being a douchebag to the staff will get you muted/kicked or banned.
  2. Talking or Advertising about other servers is not tolerated.
  3. Flooding the chat is not allowed.
  4. Racism/Racist Symbols/Signs is not allowed.
  5. Personal threats is not tolerated.
  6. Impersonation of a staff member is not allowed.
  7. Do not accuse anyone of hacking/cheating without a proper proof.
  8. If someone asks a serious question about the server, You cannot be a douchebag and give the wrong answer, Don't answer instead.

Finding a loophole in the rules and using it to your advantage will also get you banned

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