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Sam Knight

LSPD Application // Sam Knight

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(OOC Questions)
First Name:

  • Sam Knight


  • 18

Discord name:

  • XKR_CF#9094


  • AEST/Australia

Reason for applying:

  • I have heard about the fantastic work that happens in the LSPD does and I was amazed. I wish to join the LSPD and dedicate myself to this community and result to keep the roads safe for all civilians of the state. Accidents happen as a cause of many factors but most of them are because of aggressive driving or impaired driving. Therefore, I wish to limit the damage done and hopefully keep more people safe. I am hoping to be accepted into the brotherhood in LSPD and hopefully be seen as a brother in arms for my fellow colleagues, making a difference, being a friend and a brother for everyone in the department.

Why should we accept you?

  • I believe that as an officer of the LSPD I can bring to the community a variety of skills that involve quick thinking, taking positive risks and add a sense of friendliness and professionalism into the team that ensure a better and a safer road for all of our civilians to use. I have a long sheet and a great time of experience, as I was in LSPD before I transferred to Highway Patrol, due to that fact I joined to subdivision, CIU and BSO. CIU was the strategic response for sensitive cases such as negotiations, suicide, rape and so forth. While BSO was the Bureau of Special Operations where I ran my own operations, making massive busts in the millions, bringing down criminals and launching long investigations.

Are you new to FiveM RP?

  • No


(In Character Questions)
Full Name:

  • Dylan Finch


  • 23

Reason for applying:

  • Since I was little I always hoped to grow up and make it into the force, I started with taking some ride alongs at the country side. However, after multiple days of dreaming I decided that after I finished my senior year I wanted to get into the department and make a difference in my local area, and small town. But after multiple shifts, I have came to the realization that I will never grow in  a small town and I can't make a difference, so with the support of my girlfriend and family I decided to apply to the LSPD in hope to make a great difference and enjoy my time here, while creating friends.


  • My name is Dylan Finch, I am a 23 year old recruit that has put in a transfer from another city in order to stay with his girlfriend and start a new life, in hope of starting a new family from scratch. At first I was born in the country side, and was not used to the city life as it was not considered peaceful enough to start a family, thus everyone wanted to stay out of the busy life that is the city. But when I reached 18 I decided to try something new and attempt to start a life in the city. Perhaps even help make a difference in which, I believe was the best decision in my life. As later on I have met my girlfriend in which she received a job offer in this city thus why I hoped for a transfer.

Have you read the Advanced LSPD Handbook? (Reading during the interview is not allowed and will render you DENIED):

  • Yes

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Howdy, Dylan Finch!

Thank you for applying to the Los Santos Police Department. Your application has been Approved!

Please make sure to contact me or Chief of Police Dean Duncan through: 

  • In-Game Approach (I can most likely be found around the Los Santos Police Department.)
  • In-game Text (Press K> Contacts > Favorites > Police > Message > "May I have my interview please?" and an officer or I will reach out.)
  • Discord (I can be found as C-13 | Dante Furio whilst the chief can be found as K-29 | Dean Duncan)

Best of Luck,

Acting-Captain of the Los Santos Police Department,

Dante Furio

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