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  1. fish

    Name on steam : Fish. Suggestion : Swimming gears in shop Reason for suggesting : We used to have swimming gears in shop.. i hope the admin can put it back into the shop Extra message (optional) :
  2. can we have swimming gears in the shop.. thanks
  3. fish

    Your Steamid64 (https://steamidfinder.com/) : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198368639767 Paypal transaction ID or Steam trade screenshot : paypal transaction id 79C06308UY0357823, 8AD094857K7337646, 0T939739V53380707, 36F20896TM390331A, 02W42630V73756249, 2HU09124RW4646036, 0KF439042M9868039, 8BD74995BB937520W, 11L93553PJ185963X, 1DH44760SJ248993L, 7J1573425X862914F
  4. fish

    Name on steam : Fish- Suggestion : I want my op VIP back Reason for suggesting : coz i wana get what i paid for as advertised Extra message (optional) : Hi.. just wana start a topic abt vips and their privileges.. firstly, the whole server remake was a welcoming change but im totally against the VIP remake. It was fine before with the lightning and the supreme, with price point at that moment was spot on. The VIP consists of full set of gears, materials other benefits like 50 homes, 1 second tp and a small multipliers. some might argue that it was too op but the vip shud get those kinda stuff for the price they paid for. When i went for my vip i was clearly buying for what exactly was advertised. the server shudnt take it back when other ppl say its unfair, u dont just take back what ppl paid for, let say u in shopping mall and u bought a pair of expensive sneakers, u just dont take it back when other ppl cant afford it. All those players that are not having vips they can just leave anytime coz they havent anything invested into the server, so VIP shud be given the priority coz im sure after they invested im pretty sure they gona stay in the server for a longtime. If they like the server they shud help to maintained it like any other VIPs. My main point is fuck all those free playing players, they can leave the server if they think the VIP is too op or they can join the bandwagon and become a vip and the for sure will help the server. All im saying is i want my VIP back as it was advertised before. i want my full set of gears back, i want my small multipliers back, i want my 50 homes, i want my 1 second TP, i want my heli calls and everything the was advertised coz i paid for that shit. the VIP that coming out right now in my honest opinion is shit. from the price point its shud b a premium. #iwantmyopvipback and kind of response is welcome
  5. fish

    its currently being worked on
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