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  1. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview. Thread closed.
  2. DeeKnow

    Police vehicles are stock vehicles when they get them meaning, they would have to spend money themselves to fully upgrade their vehicles which requires so much time for them to go on duty and work their asses of to earn the money for upgrading. There are many ways you can use fully armored vehicles which are legal for robbing as well. Try to think of ways how to get away with using it and getting a better car for chases OR practice driving! Sometimes the police go too fast, they can't keep up with the skills of these drivers.
  3. DeeKnow

    Application Denied. Besides Benny's not hiring as of now, the application lacks a lot of details. Please try again in 2 months. Thank you!
  4. DeeKnow

    Denied. I was literally talking to you in game telling you out of character to fix your microphone and you still got in your vehicle and tried to drive away. Try to go on public servers and fix your microphone then try logging in again after 2 days. Thank you.
  5. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview, yes.
  6. Pending for Interview.
  7. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview.
  8. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview! See you Gab!
  9. DeeKnow

    Sorry for the late reply for this application. I`ve been thinking about this and I`ve been rethinking all the time, but i`m hoping to see another application after 3 days. Thank you!
  10. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview.
  11. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview.
  12. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview.
  13. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview.
  14. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview.
  15. DeeKnow

    Pending for Interview.
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