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    Your name = Murphy Andrews Suspects name = Locco Reason of reporting = Suddenly shot me with a sniper because they thought I was the one who RDM'ed them Proof of the report = https://streamable.com/kqzjo got this from his stream
  2. ============== (OOC Questions) ============== First Name: Jake Age: 22 Discord name: Bruv #9996 Timezone/Location: GMT+8/Philippines Reason for applying: I've noticed the major difference between the number of cops vs the criminals in the city and would like to provide my services to the LSPD. Also, I would very much like to experience a different standpoint IC, i've always been a criminal in the cities i've been to including this one and would think my knowledge as a criminal can slightly help the Police force and of course it'd be beneficial for me as I get to embody a new role. Why should we accept you? I would say my RP is pretty good and can do it at different levels, and still have a lot to improve. I'm a quick learner and can get a good grasp of various things easily, I enjoy interacting with other people which can somewhat be beneficial for the community, and of course, I'm a firm believer of the saying "Law is order in liberty, and without order liberty is social chaos I would also do my very best to uphold justice and order inside the city. In addition, the timeslot in which I usually play is the time wherein there are little to no cops on duty Are you new to FiveM RP? No ------------------------------------- ============= (In Character Questions) ============= Full Name: Murphy Andrews Age: 22 Reason for applying: Growing up in a violent neighborhood, seeing the outcome of a community without peace and order. Seeing nice people be eaten by the toxic community and being forced to adapt for their survival. He then realized he needed to do something to be of service to the society. Murphy soon aspired to become a Police officer to help bring order to the city and protect those who cannot defend themselves. Backstory/History: Murphy grew up in a ghetto neighborhood which meant he saw and was partially involved in a few crimes during his teenage years; gangs, violence, shoplifting, drugs. He wasn't really a juvenile kid, but due to the community he was in, he had no choice but to adapt. But as he grew older and wiser. He soon realized that he needed to do something to be of an assistance to the world. To help stop things that happened to him before, to help prevent people from becoming destructive to the world, to help bring justice in order to the society. And through his own way, he realized becoming a Police would enable him to perform the advocacy he wanted. Have you read the Advanced LSPD Handbook? (Reading during the interview is not allowed and will render you DENIED): Yes
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