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  1. Vanilla

    Gaming Better RP Crafting Guide As of 8/25/2019 Small Guide : Craftable Items : Lockpick - Bobby Pins (5) & Steel (5) Handcuffs - Lead (5) & Steel (5) Plasma Torch - Repair Kit + (3) Lead (100) & Steel (100) Crafting ingredients and craftable items are not final This will change as the server progress (Crafting is currently on test)
  2. Vanilla

    Been dealt with.
  3. Vanilla

    Nothing to do with the server, FiveM or Client Side crash.
  4. Vanilla

    That's normal, it downloads it but much faster. Not a bug.
  5. Vanilla

    Hi, this suggestion is not going to be considered.
  6. Vanilla

    This is not a 'Mod' that can be added in a server. you will need to install this in your 'Client Side'.
  7. Vanilla

    Not sure how this happened but this was tested tons of times and i cannot remake what happened to you.
  8. Vanilla

    Hi sadly i cannot really refund this to you.
  9. Vanilla

    If your minimap is missing just go ahead and reset/restore your gta5 hud settings.
  10. Vanilla

    Wrong section.
  11. Vanilla

    Rendering issues is not because of the NPCs. Its caused by custom cars. Its not that something i can solve by removing things. It's how OneSync works. Only way to fix it is by closing your fivem and reconnecting.
  12. Can you send me your crash logs? When you crash press 'Save' and send me the zipfile.
  13. Vanilla

    Hi, i've added 2 new sections at 'Civilian Section' https://forums.gbetter.net/index.php?/forum/49-civilian-section/
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